1. G1サミット ホーム
The G1 Summit is a forum where leading professionals at the forefront of various fields, encompassing politics, business, art & culture, technology, and media, gather, learn from each other, and build a platform to revitalize Japan.
Global leaders gather together to discuss common challenges faced by Japan and the international community.
Japan’s top business leaders gather and discuss the state of Japan, aiming to transform the country from the core of the economy.
Young leaders from various backgrounds meet, learn from each other, and work toward building Japan for the next generation.
Under the concept “bottom-up reform of Japan through joint and simultaneous efforts” G1 members meet with regional leaders, hold discussions, and start taking concerted actions. The G1 Region consists of 6 regional block meetings.
kyushu・okinawa kansai chugoku・shikoku
Entrepreneurs as well as stakeholders involved in startups and venture businesses work towards promoting innovation, developing and strengthening the ecosystem of venture companies.
A meeting where young leaders of college-age i gather and take a step forward to future leadership opportunities.


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